Energy service

ESCO: our risk is your warranty

A real improvement in energy efficiency produces savings that can return the initial investment.
And this is our challenge. We bet on our expertise and projects of particular entities, we propose as ESCO, offering integrated energy services, with guaranteed performances, which fee is connected to the achieved energy savings, working with third-party financing (TPF), providing in first person to finance the intervention, or by facilitating the access to credit for customers through special contracts with the banks.

Establish the goals together, share the results.
This choice tells you how much do we believe in our method, it says how much are we sure of the result.
EnerTech offers companies a free energy audit, in order to evaluate all the energy-saving solutions for the plants, with particular attention to the production needs. Simple optimizations, construction of cogeneration plants: the plan can be complex and its development implemented by the ESCO, in order to produce a direct benefit and the possibility to see the activity of the companies grow immediately, with solutions not feasible otherwise and able instead to increase of the whole business.
Even the connection to the network and the possibility to buy and sell electricity and gas is managed through a partnership with its subsidiary company Emmecidue, which can offer real benefits for the supply of electricity and natural gas, thanks to its experience in trading.
To give you a real comprehensive energy service..

Ai sensi del D.Lgs. 102/2014 dal 19 luglio 2016 le diagnosi energetiche dovranno essere svolte da soggetti certificati da organismi accreditati. Enertech ha ottenuto la certificazione 11352:2014 – Società di servizi energetici