Energy efficiency

Comprehensive Efficiency

The most valuable energy is the one you do not consume: consume in a better way means the same production at a lower cost.
This is the philosophy of EnerTech, build upon results that can be measured.

EnerTech offers its ability to observe every aspect of the production and consumption of energy, turning it into a comprehensive consultancy that quantifies the consumption and potential saving in a detailed energy report. It schedules the results in a business plan with the return on investment and manages timely the maintenance, for a GUARANTEED gain that grows over time.

This promise bases on the ability to observe all stages of the energy process and consumption; as a matter of fact, EnerTech:

  • verifies the most advantageous contractual solution
  • analyzes the electric power and thermal consumption
  • evaluates the efficiency of all systems, it deals with GSE practices
  • carries out feasibility studies on energy plants, from fossil or renewable source.

Dedicated to big companies, industries and SMEs, the consulting activity consists of careful analysis phase and the formulation of solutions with a high degree of innovation and customization, which are supported by the best available technologies and ensure certain economic returns.
Efficiency as saving; efficiency as a process: for this reason the services provided by EnerTech are based on simplicity and advantage.

EnerTech we work this way. Because the real consultancy is made of listening, service and ability to adapt solutions to the needs of the customer. And it is made of care, of partnership: it is not by chance that EnerTech supports you in the planning and realization of energy efficiency projects, offering to companies a free energy audit. In addition, EnerTech offers to managing and financing the initiatives for ESCO.

Saving is a value that EnerTech could make grow over time, proposing adjustments and solutions that could implement a virtuous system, in order to turn it into business culture. This because saving energy means more resources to invest in productivity and competitiveness.

Analysis on site of the main Electrical and Thermal Consumptions of the plant (ENERGY AUDIT):
Assessment of the opportunity for the company to install plants for the SELF ENERGY PRODUCTION (cogeneration and / or photovoltaic)

Assessment of initiatives of ENERGY EFFICIENCY for the use of utilities of the plant:

  • Thermal Power Plant, Cooling Plant
  • Compressors Pumps and Pumping units
  • Furnaces and Burners
  • Electrical Motors, study for the application of inverters
  • Lighting, Consumptions Offices
  • Proposal for an Effective Monitoring System at low cost