Less pollution. A more valuable building. More savings.

Working on insulation, on lighting, on plants and systems: why?
The reasons for choosing to invest on energy efficiency interventions in condos are based on measurable results with features that can be seen in bills too.

- because it provides accurate assessment tools before starting with the project
- because it gives access to qualified technical competencies
- because it follows you with a team of engineers
- because it helps you finding those solutions that fit the most with the exigencies of the condominium and the apartment.

No advance payment!
If the supply contract is stipulated with Emmecidue, the cost will be precisely the same as the resulted saving amount, and you will find it directly deducted in the bill!

Furthermore, Enertech offers to the Costumer the opportunity to divide the investment into installments for a period that can vary from 6 to 10 years. Once the last installment has been paid in the energy bill, the Costumer will acquire the property of the application, and will have all the benefits in terms of energy efficiency.
In this way you will only perceive the benefits of the investment!

The improving areas are varied: central and centralized systems, common areas, lighting, insulation of the building shell (EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finishing System), and, in addition, intervention on apartments too.
Many solution typologies. Which one is better to choose and how to modulate it? Each time a specific decision has to be made accordingly with the characteristics of each condo.
1. One of the most effective interventions is the new planning of the air conditioning system. According to the law, for each apartment heat meters are installed, and the boiler is replaced with a high efficiency condensing one.
2. The installation of heat pumps – air-water – allows to cut in half or reduce by one third the energy consumption. Moreover, generally using electricity and not gas, they can be fed by a suitable photovoltaic plant on the roof that, with the mechanism of the exchange on site, can fully cover the consumptions of the Heat Pump. Finally, the heat pump can also be used for cooling domestic spaces during summertime.
3. Other small to big changes concern ways to avoid heat loss and reduce consumptions up to 25%: the simplest solution is to replace window fixtures or to install an EIFS (exterior wall cladding system) that can reduce consumptions up to 40%.