Cogeneration / Biomass / Biogas

And if we turn your discard into new energy?

RANGE OF ELECTRICAL POWER: from 200 to 4,000 kWel
ENGINES: the best brands for maximum reliability (GE-Jenbacher and Cat-MWM)
ADJUSTMENT OF THE SYSTEM: adjustment of each component to integrate it to the context and to produce the maximum total efficiency
CONTAINERIZED SOLUTIONS: we study the best plant layout and energy uses to make the system efficient


Enertech developed connsiderable expertise in the field of CHP, gained over the years and thanks to the management of the systems of Property and to the realization of plants made on its own or on commission.
Enertech has strong experience in the authorization procedures, in the preliminary and working plan, in the Commissioning and maintenance and management of cogeneration plants of small, medium and large size.
Thanks to our experience, we customize the best solution for your specific needs, we know how to manage the authorization procedures for a reliable and prompt outcome and how to adapt the design to ensure the achievement of the highest standards of efficiency.


Cogeneration is the combined production of electricity and heat that ensures a greater efficiency: the recovered energy is used directly in the plant, permitting a reduction in the consumption of natural gas and direct saving.

According to the Ministerial Decree of 5 September 2011, the high-efficiency cogeneration entitles you to the White Certificates on which it is granted economic incentive, proportional to the energy saved (expressed in TOE: Tonnes of Oil Equivalent).

To achieve these benefits, however, it is necessary to certify that the plant is high-yield: rely on EnerTech means that you can count on a partner of value, able to ensure the required standards and then the desired results.

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