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Enertech, we build with energy

Enertech is the EPC contractor who supports you for the building of photovoltaic systems for self-production and cogeneration plants for the combined production of electricity and thermal energy, form conventional and renewable sources. Moreover, Enertech produces biogas and hydroelectric plants, wind farms and realizes efficiency measures in the industrial field.

Enertech offers for every job a historical knowledge of the market and the reliability gained with the major stakeholders in the sector. Starting with these assumptions, Enertech develops custom-tailored projects, realized as high added value products, thanks to the strong commitment to innovation of the Company.

The customization of the Enertech solutions characterizes also the consultancy service: Enertech designs projects of energy efficiency. In the industrial field, it acts in the biggest energy processes, as thermal and cooling plants, compression and pump stations, furnaces, lighting, compressed air and hydraulic distribution network.

Withe same care, Enertech manages the systems maintenance for its customers, proposing profitable contracts, supporting them for investment choices and business opportunities, thanks also to the partnership with Emmecidue (company headed by Enertech), in order to assist the customer in the management of the plant to achieve its maximum performance!